It’s been a fantastic year for our team at Founded. We started the year with a team of 4 and are finishing strong with 9! And we’re growing again, with two open positions (details of the first position are available here).

Looking back, we accomplished a lot! Some highlights from the past year:

  1. Working with all of our partners, including: law firms (large & small), accounting firms and other organizations
  2. Filing our first patent!
  3. Our engagement with Blakes to transform the way startup legal services are done
  4. Celebrating 2 years at the Legal Innovation Zone
  5. Finalist in the Canadian Bar Association's 'The Pitch' event
  6. Moving to our new office on the east side of downtown Toronto
  7. Presenting at multiple conferences, including a keynote presentation at the Vaughan Business Expo and multiple presentations for the Canadian Bar Association
  8. Launching dozens of product updates to the Founded platform, including:
  • Automated Smart Legal Documents (Shareholder Agreements, Employment Agreements, Website Terms of Use, Financing Documents & more)
  • Share Management Tools (Issuing & Transferring Shares)
  • Multi-User Permissioned Access to individual Founded accounts
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Launching our NUANS Business Name Reservation tool
  • Ability to onboard existing companies (after they've incorporated) to take advantage of our Company Management Services
  • Introduction of new A.I. components that assist with reading documents and parsing out relevant data

In the end, everything comes back to our users and we’re thrilled they accomplished so much on the Founded platform! We helped them incorporate hundreds of companies, search (for free) over 40,000 business names, automate thousands of legal documents and processes, and ultimately, make a significant impact to entrepreneurship in Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦. A big thank you to each and every one of you!

We close out the year being extremely thankful and humbled at the support we’ve received in 2018. We’re determined to make the legal aspects of running a business effortless. This means continuing to help entrepreneurs and lawyers with the automation, organization and management of company legal work through the Founded platform. Onwards to 2019! πŸš€