A new year brings new goals, new ideas and new businesses! We're already up to full speed at Founded, launching one of our most requested features: Employee Stock Option Plans! That's right, it's never been easier to secure long-term commitment from your employees by sharing a piece of the ownership pie!

Also, a brand new referral system that makes it easier than ever to help your friends and colleagues start their own businesses on Founded (while keeping money in your wallet). Read on below to learn more.

Employee Stock Option Plans

Founded's MyShares Employee Portal

Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOP) allow employees to own a piece of the company in the future and benefit from its growth. Startups use Option Plans to attract and retain top employees and manage the vesting of options over time.

To learn more about Employee Stock Option Plans, read our guide for Canadian startups here.

Founded's Employee Stock Option Plan feature has everything a growing business needs to create and manage an Option Plan for their company:

  • Creation of initial Employee Stock Option Plan and all related legal documents
  • Unlimited access for all employees to track status of options through Founded’s MyShares Employee Portal
  • Legal Agreements to award options to employees
  • Legal Agreements to allow employees to exercise options and purchase shares
  • Ongoing tracking of vesting of options over time

To learn more about Founded's Employee Stock Option Plans, click here.

Referrals πŸ”Š

Founded's new referral system makes it incredibly easy to invite friends and colleagues to incorporate and manage their business on Founded. Everyone receives a benefit: your friends will receive $30 off and you will receive a $30 credit to your Founded account.

We even have a dashboard to manage your referrals and track which ones have been used!

Want to Incorporate a New Business or Manage an Existing Business on Founded?

If you're a new business looking to incorporate, you can learn more about Founded's leading incorporation service here.

Maybe you have an incorporated business, but want to manage it online? Then you'll want to click here to learn more.

If you're an existing Founded customer and want to learn about upgrading your account to make legal work even easier as you grow, feel free to contact help@founded.co and our team will be happy to help!