We’ve made some really exciting updates to the Founded platform over the last couple months, designed to make the legal side of business even easier.

New Design

You might have noticed a fresh new coat of paint at Founded (huge thanks to our design & engineering teams!) There’s now a lot more information on our incorporation service (best in the country!); our ongoing company management features for growing businesses; the wonderful partners we work with (the list is growing); and whole new sections on how we work with lawyers, both at big firms and small.

Expansion out West

The biggest news is that we’ve expanded Founded to Alberta and British Columbia. We’ve done all the hard work to connect the Founded platform with provincial registries, making incorporating new companies and updating existing ones seamless from your Founded account. With our founding team being originally from Alberta, we’re thrilled to be able to offer Founded out west and make entrepreneurship even easier for business owners throughout Canada.

Share Vesting

Vesting arrangements are important for many early-stage startups and small businesses when they issue shares. Vesting ensures that co-founders can focus on building their business without worrying about what happens to ownership in the event someone leaves the company early. We’ve added functionality within Founded that enables share vesting, both at the time of incorporation and for future share issuances. All supporting documents, including Share Restriction and Subscription Agreements, are generated and sent out for eSignature from your Founded account.

Individuals with Significant Control Register

This past summer, the federal government announced that Canadian corporations now need to keep a register of individuals who hold “significant control” over the company. We make complying with this new requirement extremely easy. Within your Founded account, you can now easily keep this register up to date, which is especially important when individuals with significant control are not already listed as shareholders, officers or directors.

Business Numbers, HST/GST Numbers & More

Getting a CRA Business Number and HST/GST Account setup are some of the first things that entrepreneurs do after incorporating. Unfortunately, the process isn’t as easy as it should be, and each province has its own rules. That’s why we’re thrilled to launch our tool that grabs your Business Number and automatically sets up a HST/GST number for you. One less thing to worry about as you get started!

We’re Just Getting Started

As a young company (we just celebrated our 2nd anniversary!) laser-focused on making the legal side of business effortless, you can imagine that we’re not stopping here. Expect new jurisdictions, new functionality, and new legal workflows to launch over the coming months. (We might just be launching Canada’s first fully automated Employee Share Option Plans in a few weeks time). From all of us at Founded, a huge thanks to all of you who power entrepreneurship in Canada! We’ll keep making legal easier, so you can keep building incredible businesses.