We're thrilled to announce another round of updates that we've released over the past month. Founded's newest features include making it easier than ever to get your GST/HST Number, Payroll Account and other CRA Account Numbers, and the ability for Full Text search for all documents saved within your Founded account. Read on for the latest.

GST/HST Numbers, Payroll Numbers, Import-Export Account

It's never been easier to apply for core CRA Program Accounts, like your GST/HST Number, Payroll Account Number and Import-Export Account. You can start the process directly from within your Founded Dashboard under 'Company Info'. It takes only a couple minutes to complete:

If you're wondering when is the right time to register for a GST/HST Number, this article will help you understand some of the benefits of doing it early on.

Your business will need a Payroll Account Number when you start hiring employees. You can also take advantage of Founded's Managed Employee feature to prepare customized employment agreements and track core employee information. You can learn more about that here.

Finally, an Import-Export Account is required if your business imports goods into Canada or exports goods to other countries.

Full Text Search 🔎

Founded's Full Text search offers instant search capabilities for all documents in your Founded account. This includes documents created by Founded as well as additional documents that you may have uploaded into Founded.

The result is a more powerful, faster Founded experience, where you can search within all of your documents in seconds.

Check back in next month as we close out 2019 with a bang! 🎉

If you're a new business looking to incorporate, you can learn more about Founded's leading incorporation service here.

If you're an existing Founded customer and want to learn about upgrading your account to make legal work even easier as you grow, feel free to contact help@founded.co and our team will be happy to help!