We recently launched another round of features and updates to the Founded platform which we're excited to share.

Onboarding Companies to take Advantage of Ongoing Company Management Services

Now, companies that incorporated outside of the Founded platform can take advantage of our ongoing company management services.

We've built a number of tools that make onboarding effortless.

1) Company Search Tool

First is our search tool. It makes it extremely easy to locate your company and begin the onboarding process. Simply input your company name to search our company directory. Then, select your company and begin the onboarding process:

Our Company Search Tool in Action.

Over 30% of businesses never complete the legally-required post-incorporation organizational documents. These documents are required to properly setup the owners, appoint officer positions, obtain consents for acting as directors and set out the company's corporate bylaws.

Organizational documents, sometimes called minute book documents, are automatically prepared and tailored to your business when initially incorporating through Founded. But if a business owner only files incorporation paperwork with the government, or uses a service that only files the government paperwork, then minute book documents are never prepared and it leaves the business at risk of significant future legal complications.

With our Legal Health Check, you can determine if your business has outstanding organizational documents and have Founded fill in your legal gaps!

3) Intelligent Document Reviewer

Finally, our Intelligent Document Reviewer reads your business legal documents as you upload them to Founded. We then instantly parse out relevant information to better complete your business profile on Founded.

The result is a company onboarding experience that is quicker, easier and more accurate.  

4) After Onboarding

After onboarding, companies can take advantage of our company management services, including:

  • Annual Compliance Package: Annual Return filings, Annual Shareholder and Director Resolutions, Waiver of Auditor Form.
  • Unlimited Company Updates: We handle all the government filings and corporate resolutions for: changes to registered office, and adding or removing officers and directors.
  • Digital Company Management: Manage your company online rather than worrying about paper documents and a binder.
  • World-class Support: Answering everything from: how to get the most out of your Founded account to how to register for HST.

With our Growing Company plan, you'll get even more for your business, including the ability to issue and transfer shares, create employment agreements and website terms of use, and more.

Share Transfers

Companies on our Growing Company plan can now take advantage of our enhanced share transfer workflows. This allows owners to transfer existing shares to new or existing owners after incorporation. All required legal agreements, including Share Transfer Agreements, corresponding Director Resolutions and Notice of Share Transfers, are automatically prepared based on the business data in your Founded account and after receiving key details from you.

We hope these updates help your business. 🚀

Want to incorporate a new company or onboard an existing one? Book a 1:1 demo with our Customer Success team or visit Founded to create your free account.