Say hello to making legal simple & affordable 👋

We are thrilled to launch Founded - the easiest way to incorporate your company and manage your ongoing legal needs. With Founded, we’re empowering entrepreneurs to manage their own routine legal tasks without hiring a lawyer.

Two years ago, we started building Canada’s largest marketplace for legal services by launching Law Scout. Since that time, we've connected hundreds of small businesses with lawyers online, and we’ve talked with (literally) thousands of entrepreneurs across Canada, the US, and even some in China.

In talking about legal services for small businesses, the feedback was unanimous. Entrepreneurs want to take control of their own legal needs. They don't want to pay expensive lawyer fees for clerical tasks, paper shuffling, or any matters that can be automated through technology.

Lawyers are great when they’re actually needed, but technology works perfectly well for many everyday tasks. Founded lets entrepreneurs take control of their most common legal needs, which leaves lawyers to do what they do best - providing strategic insight and practical legal advice.

How it works

Founded starts by incorporating your company and giving you flexibility in your share structure and management. We explain everything in plain language, so you can feel confident navigating this process. Processes that typically take weeks, involve stacks of paper, and cost thousands of dollars, have been transformed into quick, paperless, and affordable tasks that require no legal expertise.

Once your company is incorporated, all paperwork related to the shares and structure of the company is automatically prepared based on your preferences and specifications.

All of your legal documents continue to live in your Founded account and get updated when changes occur. Your company dashboard ends up being your new homebase for your company:

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This means never having to worry about losing important legal documents or keeping them current. Anytime your company details change (like when you want to add a new director or change your address) we take care of the paperwork: filing forms with the government, preparing the required corporate resolutions, gathering eSignatures, and securely storing all documents back into your account.

What's next

Later this year, we'll open up Founded to companies that have already incorporated. Thriving small businesses will have full control over their shares and equity structure. They will also get access to our customized contract builder and employee management tools. This new suite of services will empower entrepreneurs to obtain everything from Shareholder Agreements to Website Terms of Use all through their Founded account and all customized to specifically fit their business.

Thanks! Now watch us grow!

To our early users, thanks for trusting Founded to get your company setup right from the start.

To those that are just starting their businesses, we built Founded for you! You can get started by incorporating right here.

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Onwards 🚀,
Derek, Shane, Travis & the whole Founded team