Founded automates routine legal tasks, saving entrepreneurs the cost of hiring a lawyer

Toronto, ON, October 16, 2017 — Founded Technologies, the award-winning company behind Canada’s leading legal marketplace, today launched “Founded” an online platform that allows entrepreneurs to incorporate a business and manage ongoing legal needs without hiring a lawyer.

“Founded gives entrepreneurs a do-it-yourself option for routine legal tasks that would normally cost thousands in legal fees,” says Shane Murphy, Co-Founder of Founded Technologies. “Our first product, Law Scout, helped entrepreneurs by connecting them to lawyers online. Now we are letting entrepreneurs help themselves by managing their own legal needs. Through our smart technology, Founded incorporates businesses and creates legal documents to the same professional standards as the country’s top corporate lawyers.”

After guiding entrepreneurs through the incorporation process, Founded acts as the company’s virtual legal department by managing shares and generating legal documents from an intuitive portal. Processes that typically take weeks, involve stacks of paper, and cost thousands of dollars, have been transformed into quick, paperless, and affordable tasks that requires no legal expertise.

“Complex legal documents are similar to software code,” says Travis Houlette, Chief Technology Officer at Founded Technologies. “Founded uses sophisticated logic and natural language to capture the knowledge and expertise of great corporate lawyers in a way that is easily understood by everyone. We’ve essentially turned contracts into code.”

Based in the Legal Innovation Zone at Ryerson University, and led by a team of experienced software engineers and lawyers, Founded Technologies has served hundreds of entrepreneurs across Canada since 2015 by connecting them to lawyers online. The company has received awards from the Attorney General of Ontario and international accounting giant, PwC, for innovations in the delivery of legal services.

The launch of Founded builds on their past innovations by streamlining the routine legal services most needed by entrepreneurs. The thought process of lawyers is embedded into Founded’s industry-leading technology, which results in professional-quality legal documents and processes without ever consulting a lawyer.

Founded is now available in Ontario and will expand across Canada and the United States in 2018.

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